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November 2017

  Todd Walters, CEO

What You Can Learn from the Uber Successful Craig Proctor System Member.


About a year ago I shared with you my thoughts on this topic.  Before I detail my thoughts on this, lets define the Uber Successful: You earn a high six to seven figure NET income. You only do the parts of the business you like. You delegate everything else to a group of people that orbit around you.  You can take plenty of time off to pursue outside interests. You have excess and overflow of time and money to invest or give to others. You have a business that does NOT depend on your constant involvement to sustain profitability. 


As you know I work with a whole lot of high six figure and seven figure income agents. Most have average sales prices in the $200K to $500K price range.


I have also discovered that on average our Millionaire Agent members have average sales prices 25% to 35% above their market area price points.


When Craig and I say success leaves clues… we are not just randomly talking about stuff, or generalizing in any way. We are pointing to specifics.


Here are four of those specifics:


#1.  They all use print media.  In fact, the print media they use is direct mail.  And they do not pretend people do not read newspapers. They choose print media because they understand “place” marketing.  They want to be places where MOST competitors are not.  The internet is the EASY button.  They get this and even though they are doing net marketing, they put big money into off line marketing.


You may recall from the Platinum Millionaire Agent Maker Conference Jim Bottrell’s session in his Politically Incorrect newspaper where he targets home owners and on purpose repels people, as well as attracts those that align with HIS business. This can really only be accomplished in a media absent competition where YOU control their attention and story line.  A USP Farming Newsletter, Your OWN Newspaper, Direct Mail to Seller Prospects, etc. are all detailed in the Platinum Millionaire Agent Maker Guide, section V.


#2.  They all are courteous. In fact, they live courteously.  I read recently that Dan Kennedy had discovered the same thing as a commonality among seven figure income earners. When around others these agents make the prospect, or client, others in general, the center of attention. They put their phones away. They use respectful language like Yes Sir and No Mam and Thank You.  They consciously work to avoid stealing the time of who they most want to do business with. This also translates in to GENEROSITY.  These people are very generous with their time and money.   Craig refers to them as givers and sharers of how they use our system (The Millionaire Agent System), what’s working and what’s not. You may also recall the session with Dr. Ike Reighard at the Millionaire Agent Maker Conference Gala on Generosity. 


#3.  They reject ENTITLEMENT.  It seems we have succumbed to the entitlement society Ben Franklin and James Madison warned of (although as I type this during election season, based on many rejecting establishment politicians, there is still hope). That as soon as the U.S. people figured out they could vote themselves other people’s money, the great American Experiment would be over. At this moment in history at least half of the population is receiving SOME kind of check from the federal government and believe it the way to go.  They trade freedom to pursue prosperity for what they believe to be security.  The super successful agents who do well reject this.  They believe that relationships must be earned and built on mutual respect.  They see themselves as entitled to nothing and when failure finds them, they do not blame others but learn from it and bounce back quickly.  They see “security” only lying in self determination and success from that.


#4.  They are SPUNGES.  They listen to and absorb information on what works from others who are more successful than they are.  Hence WHY they are here, with us, using the Craig Proctor Millionaire Agent System ‘Franchise’. They patiently prod, test and implement marketing systems that may work or may not, leverage the ones that do. Learn from the ones that don’t. They seek out advice from wealthy people, wise people.  They reject fools and short cuts to proficiency.  BUT, they are anxious for success, however, understand that it comes from implementing with wise decisions learned from others who have forged success ahead of them.


Remember, you are in the marketing business, whether you want to be or not.  So, to be successful at bringing in clients, you must market to them in ways that attract them, not necessarily in ways you THINK will attract them.  To do this, you would be wise to pay close attention to the above 4 commonalities.  If you let these commonalities serve as a foundation for you, my guess is you are on your way to more success with better, higher quality clients. That is, after all, what you want… isn’t it?



Go Serve Big!!!

Todd Walters



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