Tips on Becoming the†EXPERT, Authority, Celebrity†In Your Real Estate Market.

September 2017

Todd Walters, Platinum Coach

LUXRY REAL ESTATEÖ and the race to be different!

TOP END REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS occur often, especially in Southern California Ė where a record was broken in May. Music/entertainment producer David Geffen sold his oceanfront compound in mudslide-y Malibu, on Carbon Beach, for $85-Million, obliterating the previous record price: $74.5-Million, paid in 2013.

Geffen's was an off-market deal, meaning you never saw this on MLS or Zillow.com. There's a relatively small circle of potential buyers at $85-Million, and they mostly know each other, they have the same lawyers and CPAs, they deal with a familiar community. That tells you one of the most important things to know about selling to top-affluent: you somehow need to be known inside their circles, not standing outside the walls waving a sign, literally, or on Instagram. At a local level, virtually every city, even small ones in the corn and rust belts, have affluent and ultra-affluent 'tight circles' that can be breached. But not by just) great marketing.

HENCE why the Worthy Cause Marketing System for Referrals may very well be the #1 source to get and keep LUXURY buyers and sellers coming your way.†

ALSO, notice the nugget above again on NOT IN MLS OR ZILLOW.† The higher up the income pyramid you go, the MORE different things are done to make money, those that make it are.† Look in the mirror for instance, YOU are not the same as you were when we first met.† The more different you become the more of a money magnet you are.† This is a race to be different, not better!†

Incidentally, somewhat real estate related: the price tag, requiring donations, for former President Obama's 22-acre (!) Presidential Library, Etc. to be built in Chicago is $800-Million. This will make it the priciest former Prez' monument-to-self ever, by far, even in inflation-adjusted dollars.

Below you will see a good LIST of all you have at your fingertips to leverage in ways to be different.† Positioning is about standing out as different than your competitors (your broker calls them peers).†

Read this list over a couple times and let it soak in.† This is the McDonalds of Real Estate, or should I say, the Chic-Fil-A of Real Estate!††

Again, this is a RACE to be different, not better.†

Go Serve Big!!!

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